A Glossary of Terms

Mindful Life Meditation Glossary

Unmixed, perfect, pure; without modification or change; without restriction, exception or qualification; immeasurable; unimaginable; fundamental; free of external references or relationships; divine.

A flow of consciousness from you to objects of perception, subtle or gross.

An incarnation of God. An avatar knows who and what he or she is from birth and is a perfect manifestation of the Divine, though often not recognizable as such to the rest of us.

Literally, “wheel” — wheel, discus, mystical circle or diagram. In the subtle body of humans, chakras are arranged along a central channel and act as power centers which may be active, inactive, clear, pierced, or contain distortions. Each chakra is presided over by one or more deities.

Conscious Choice
Knowingly determining a course of action and whether to carry out that action or not.

Direct or indirect perception or awareness of anything other than you.

Concentration, i.e., concentration of the attention. The process of focusing the attention on one thing. The concentration of prana in one place in the body.

Meditation, specifically, the meditative state.

Godlike. To know directly. God, Truth, Spirit, the Absolute, Higher Power, etc., (masculine, feminine, both, neither).

The assuming of power. The ability to access your inherent power.

A special state brought about through a steady, uninterrupted flow of attention to a single object.

Literally, “little coiled one” — coil, spiral, snake or circle. The evolutionary force, or evolutionary energy, said to be dormant at the base of the spine of human beings.

Love is the absolute acceptance of others as divine individuals. Real Love is unconditional and has no opposites. In humans, love often has mental and emotional qualities associated with it, making it a mix of Real Love and human love.

A special state brought about through a steady, uninterrupted flow of attention to a single object.

Your means of perception and storage of events, memories, etc., used for learning, reasoning, conceptualizing, believing, computation, thinking, figuring things out, etc.

Release from worldly existence or transmigration, final or eternal emancipation.

Final liberation or emancipation.

Literally, “sound,” divine sound which occurs spontaneously and without any via, or means, in deep meditation. This sound is not a sound in your mind, imagination, or even in your “head.” It has no medium and is heard in certain stages of samadhi.

Non Technique Meditation
Not using your will to try to get a meditative state, but delegating the Divine to guide your attention and your mind and accept whatever happens or doesn’t happen in meditation.

Object (of meditation)
Anything perceptible that is the focus of the attention and prana during meditation. In Technique Meditation, the object should be something that is inspiring or divine to you.


The life force, the life energy in the body.

Introversion caused by the withdrawal of the senses from the objects of sense or, in later stages in meditation, the sense faculties (powers, abilities) operating independently from the sense organs.

The process of removing or transforming anything that is not in its natural place, its natural order.

Anything that can be modified, changed or measured; mixed, limited.

A unified state of mind that results in direct experience of Truth, God, the Divine.

Sense Faculties
Your power to know, to perceive, by means of hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell.

Sense Organs
Your physical avenues of perception: ears, eyes, tongue, nose and skin.

Your five avenues of perception.

Regular or irregular vibrations of a medium, such as air or water, that can be heard. Sound that is not produced by anything is called nada, divine sound, and may be experienced in deep meditation.

Delegating the Divine, Spirit, God, to guide your attention during meditation. The use of your fundamental power (choice) to choose not to choose, to let go and let God run your meditation.

Doing something a certain way in order to achieve a certain result.

Technique Meditation
Using the will to keep the attention on the object of meditation in order to reach a meditative state.

Trying to make something happen or trying to stop something from happening. Using your fundamental power (choice) to choose to choose.

Union, unity, unification, with God. From the root, yuj, to yoke together, and ghan, auspicious.

Yoga Nidra
Yogic sleep. The sleep of union.

Yogic Dreams
The extraordinary dreams that may occur in yoga nidra.