Surrender Meditation Course Now Live!

Mindful Arts Institute is proud to announce our newest online course, Surrender Meditation! This is the second course taught by esteemed meditation teacher, Durga Ma. Priced below $40, this course is an amazing deal. You’re not just getting an education with this course. You are being given clear instructions on experiencing SURRENDER– a powerful form of meditation also know as Shaktipat Kundalini ...[Read More]

Courses Beginning Soon

We have several courses starting soon for 2017! Be sure to check them out, and consider joining a course designed to transform your mind and your life. Starting this week is Durga Ma’s Mindful Life Meditation course, New Dawn. This course will help you become proficient in various meditation techniques, as well as Non Technique meditation. Beginning February 2nd, MAI’s “Language Alchemist,” Alejan ...[Read More]

Mindful Arts Institute Gift Cards

We at MAI try not to focus too much on the material side of this project. We probably won’t ever have a black friday sale or sell MAI teddy bears. But this is a project that we believe in and want to be successful. When shopping for your loved ones this holiday season, consider a Mindful Arts Institute Virtual Gift Card. Get a code worth any dollar amount you choose to be applied to any Mindful Ar ...[Read More]

Four Ways to Make Thanksgiving Day a Mindful Art

Growing up in suburban Minnesota, Thanksgiving was never my favorite holiday. It doesn’t have the spooky sweetness of Halloween, or the joy and excitement of Christmas. It was usually cold, which more often than not, meant being stuck inside with loving, but difficult people. I understood the idea of giving thanks, but it always felt entirely contrived–  a Hallmark commercial wrapped in a Norman R ...[Read More]

Free Webinar with Alejandra Siroka

Alejandra Siroka, MAI teacher of the Being Real online course, is offering a free, one-hour webinar called How to Have Healthy Conversations about our Current Divisiveness. It will include a brief meditation as well as questions and answers. Tuesday, November 22 at noon Pacific Time. Alejandra writes, “The results of the elections have provided me the opportunity to engage in deep reflection and i ...[Read More]

Productivity and Laziness: On Doing Nothing

  This isn’t going to be one of those life-hack articles that gives you tips on how to stay focused and be more productive. This is an article with one message: Relax. It is a word most of us can never hear enough because whether we are “working hard” or “being lazy,” neither is an equivalent to relaxing. I spent a whole day thinking and researching articles to write for this blog. This led t ...[Read More]

There is Work to Do.

  Take a moment to breathe. Take a second to stop reading this and just sit and breathe. Don’t let thoughts distract you from this moment. Just breathe… The presidential race is over and no matter the outcome, you are here, in this moment, alive with all the wonders and pleasures that come with an apparently material existence. Sometimes things happen in the world that are outside your contro ...[Read More]

Teaching for Mindful Arts Institute

A call to all mind trainers: come teach for Mindful Arts Institute. We know how difficult it can be to reach out to the people that want to learn from you. Sometimes these students are on the other side of the world. This is specifically why Mindful Arts Institute exists. While some may be able to afford their own website or online course system, any teacher will benefit from widening their audien ...[Read More]

MAI Videos

Mindful Arts Institute has been live for less than two months, but we have been working on a distinct style of marketing and visual media to support our teachers’ online courses. Specifically, we have been working toward a friendly and inviting 2D animation style that feels both professional and open. Too often meditation courses and products are designed in a mystical, dense, or intricate way. Ou ...[Read More]

Guided Meditation: Grounding Tree Meditation

Our second guided meditation is a relaxing, grounding meditation using a tree visualization. Please enjoy and share.