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Surrender Meditation

An In-Depth Look into Non Technique Meditation –
Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga

with Durga Ma


We will be discussing kundalini, and three forms of energy and their effect on chakras. You will get a guide for shopping for a teacher and how to relate to one. We will also talk about other practices that I believe are essential to a full and successful spiritual journey, including a little trick I call “belief testing,” and what to do if you decide to go on to seek initiation into Surrender Meditation.

What You Receive
Information and experiments with fundamental concepts and principles relevant to Surrender Meditation and spiritual practice.

Bonus Supplementary Material
The course in includes audio meditations and timers. These Bonus materials can be downloaded to your computer for continued use.

You are guaranteed to have access to the course materials for a minimum of 10 weeks after joining the course. Following this, you will continue to be allowed access to the course materials and forum until this course session closes. You will be given notice prior to closure.


Course Details

  • Registration Closes: Never
  • Teacher: Durga Ma
  • Mediums: Written instructions, private forum, audio meditation tools
  • Materials Included: Written meditation instructions, downloadable audio MP3, and a closed forum for asking questions and group discussion.
  • Price: $39.95
  • Length of Course: 10 weeks
  • Lessons Released: Once per week
  • Prerequisites: None