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Mindful Arts - Bridge To Joy Course
Bridge to Joy: Exploring Mindfulness

Deepen your current mindfulness practice with Shelly Hubman. This course provides tools to help integrate practice into your life as you awaken to ever expanding inner peace and joy.

Mindful Life Meditation: New Dawn

Learn Successful Meditation Techniques and Non Technique Mediation with Durga Ma in this packed Mindful Life course.

Prana for Kids Certification Course

Prana For Kids Certification Course by Connie Williams will provide you with opportunities to expose your children or students to the energy, chi, or prana around them.

Surrender Meditation

An In-Depth Look into Non Technique Meditation (Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga) with Durga Ma. Course includes information + meditation experiments related to Surrender Meditation.

Intro to Meditation & Mindful Arts Free Demo Course

A demo course to give users an idea of the course system and to help those that are new to meditation and mindful arts learn a few of the basics of meditation practice.

Discover Mindful Arts Courses

MAI will offer online courses in a variety of mindful arts disciplines

All true mind-based practices are accepted here, including energy work, spirit healing, yoga and much more. While some courses may include discussion of various religious texts, philosophies or cultures, the focus of our online courses are the teaching of powerful mind/body/spirit practices. We are not interested in dogmatic morality or hateful/discriminatory teachings. See below for a non-exhaustive list of courses you may find on our site.

  • various forms of shamanism
  • mindfulness meditation
  • non-dual insight
  • hindu/buddhist tantra
  • underworld journeying
  • various forms of yoga
  • chakra healing
  • metta practice
  • healing practices
  • christian meditation
  • kabbalah
  • reiki
  • astral projection
  • various schools of buddhism
  • contemplative prayer
  • brain “hacking”