How to Join the Website

Click the Register tab in the dropdown under Login in the top navigation bar.

Fill in all of the required details and answer the security question. Your username is what will be used to log into the site, and your Profile Name will be the primary name other users see. Entering a Bio is optional.

After you complete signup, you will be logged into the site, and will have access to the Demo Course: Intro to Meditation and Mindful Arts.

How to Join an Online Course

Go to the course overview page and click the “Take This Course” button.

You will be brought to the product page for the course. Add that product to your Cart and go through the Checkout process. Once you have purchased, you will be registered for the course with the credentials that you used to check out.

You will now be able to return to the Course Overview page. You may then click on Lesson 1 to begin the course and move through the content. Some courses will have early registration, and you will be unable to start Lesson 1 until the course’s start date.

How do I add a profile photo to the forum?

  • Go to your Profile page, by clicking Profile in the top navigation bar.
  • Under the Profile tab, click Change Profile Photo.
  • Drag and drop an image from your computer desktop, or browse your computer for an image.
  • Drag the square to the area of the image you want to display, and click the Crop button.

Courses Overview

Courses consist of Lessons and Topics. Each lesson may contain any number of Topic pages.

You must work through each course in its intended order.

You must click the Mark Complete button at the bottom of every Topic page to complete the topics in a lesson… but you’re not done yet. After you mark all of the Topics in a Lesson complete, you will be taken back to that Lesson Overview page. A new Mark Complete button will appear at the bottom of the Lesson Overview page that you must click in order to move on to the next lesson.

For some courses, new lessons may be released on specific dates while others courses will allow you to work at your own pace.

Webstore and Digital Downloads

Courses, as well as other downloadable items (videos, audio, PDF books), are available in the MAI store. All purchases are made through PayPal.

How can I teach a course with Mindful Arts Institute?

Contact us using the form on the right and we’ll be in touch.


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