Teach Your Course on Mindful Arts Institute

Meditation and spiritual teachers from all disciplines now have a platform to easily share their wisdom with people from around the world.

Grow Your Audience

Mindful Arts Institute will promote your course through advertising in social media, in addition to any promotion done by the instructor.

This is a great way to gain a wider audience and promote your teachings to a targeted user base without geographic restrictions.* It also allows teachers to give on-campus and retreat students extra preparation and mentoring before or during teachings at physical locations.

*Other than normal internet access limitations

Optional Features of MAI Courses include:
  • Embedded video so that you can talk directly to your students
  • Written instruction for students that learn better through reading
  • Embedded audio of longer discussions as well as repeated prayers/mantras
  • Downloadable MP3s and PDFs of your course material
  • Interactive quizzes for students
  • Release new lessons over period of time
  • Certificates for students that pass the course
  • A private forum for students to ask questions of the teacher and support one another
  • A temporary Skype handle and help coordinating 1-on-1 Skype time with students
  • Sell physical or digital products through the MAI online store
  • Receive analytics on how far students have progressed
  • Send email updates to all students in the course
Watch a walk-through of MAI course features

The best part is that starting your online course can cost nothing out of pocket for teachers. Instead of purchasing or designing your own website for your courses, it’s possible to create an online course with no up front costs.

Teachers simply make audio, video, image or textual content for their course, and Mindful Arts Institute will take a small percentage of the student fees for setting up and hosting the courses, and providing its marketing and support services.

For teachers that cannot produce their own audio and video recordings, Mindful Arts Institute’s media production team can help you produce content worthy of your insightful teachings.

Financially, this can be a big opportunity for many teachers. With little to no investment, you can create great online courses, grow your audience and generate the money you need to support and spread your teachings.