Durga Ma

Modern American Mystic

DG MUG - Jody 2015Durga Ma received her bachelor’s degree in 1963 and her master’s degree from San Francisco State University in 1973. She has teaching credentials in elementary, secondary and adult education, and has teaching experience in all levels. She has trained teachers, taught privately, owned her own business and raised two children.

When her children were grown, Durga Ma went into the woods for solitude and to live simply and take up the full time study and practice of an ancient spiritual path of Eastern origin (shaktipat kundalini yoga) which is passed down through a lineage of teachers. She has successfully completed the stages of this path over a period of many years.

Durga Ma has taught meditation, ancient mystical Sanskrit writings, and given initiation into Surrender Meditation (shaktipat kundalini yoga) and guided her students’ sadhana (spiritual practice). She has made an extended tour of India and Nepal, composed several pieces for synthesizer, and has published on the subject of meditation and the spiritual path, including various texts from the original Sanskrit into English for the Western reader.

With more than thirty years of study and meditation practice in excess of eight hours a day, Durga Ma has tested what she has learned in her own lab, her meditation. She remains committed to her spiritual path and considers it to be the most rewarding adventure of her life. Having achieved what she sought, she has recognized that it is now time to share it with others.