Shelly Hubman

Mindfulness Teacher

Shelly HubmanShelly Hubman joined The Peace Corps in 1988 after working as a night-time personal care attendant to a recently paralyzed man, while interning by day at National Rehabilitation Hospital. She spent 2 unforgettable years working with a nursing home in Costa Rica meeting many new and wonderful people, and learning so much more than she was able to offer. While in Costa Rica she noticed that death seemed to be more ubiquitous and visible than she had noticed while growing up in the Midwest and began to wonder why. Her journey of inquiry led her to begin studies in Tibetan Buddhism with Geshe Tsulga of Kurukulla Center and then to Vipassana meditation with S.N. Goenka, Santikaro of Liberation Park, and Culadasa (John Yates) of Dharma Treasure. Her ongoing practice has become her ultimate teacher as she learns from each person she meets and each experience she has.

She is co-founder, along with Jordan Wiley-Hill, of The Mindfulness Education Exchange, located in Tucson, AZ and has retired from teaching Spanish as an adjunct faculty member at various universities to dedicate herself to offering guidance in mindfulness practice to anyone interested. She lives with her boyfriend, dog, and cat.